Singer Julik drops TikTok with a new single, “Ne tikay”: PREMIERE

In the final month of summer, the singer decided to present the song “Ne tikay,” which has already captured the hearts of thousands of Ukrainians who heard it at charity concerts.

“Ne tikay” is a summer single aimed at once again reminding everyone the importance of cherishing each other.

“It’s important to me that everyone who hears this track engages their memories to recall those wonderful moments they’ve experienced before. I hope that couples and families never part ways, but instead find a fresh breath and live in happiness and peace all the time. This song is suitable for vivid memories and signals the start of new and great relationships,” comments Julik.

Julik wrote the song in collaboration with the arranger and songwriter Bohdan Nestor, known for working with Oleksandra Tsibulska, Jamala, Dzidzio, and others.

“We’re already on the home stretch to our country’s victory. I’m delighted when the guys from the frontline send their videos to my songs. The musical front is in action, everyone is working for victory. And songs of cheerful character are also needed to change the picture in people’s minds, even if just for three minutes,” the singer adds.

Furthermore, the artist had previously released the song’s sound on TikTok, which was eagerly supported and shared by Julik’s fans. Additionally, many servicemen have shown their support for the artist’s new single.

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